Welcome to Thai Nguyen University!

Thai Nguyen University (TNU) is an educational community of vibrant and learned scholars, professionals, friends, and students. Since its establishment in 1994, TNU has become one of Vietnam’s leading regional Universities. It is a conglomeration of colleges which were established earlier as separate institutions of learning.

The unification of these colleges into a university system continues the long history of Thai Nguyen being a centre of learning in the region. For nearly 17 years TNU has grown and blossomed in the performance of its functions with a vision to move towards the future with dynamism in the pursuit of excellence.

TNU is mandated to educate and train young students and older individuals to the highest academic and professional standards so they may respond to the human resource needs of our country, conduct research on management and science and technology and make these beneficial to our people, and more importantly, propose solutions for sustainable development policies.

Our curricular offerings reflect close working links with local and international business and industry so that our standards are relevant to societal needs. In our efforts to become more globally focused while continuing our emphasis on meeting regional needs, TNU is actively promoting cooperation with international counterparts in order to stimulate technology and share expertise, and to ensure mutual benefits. It is our goal to become one of the educational leaders of the movement to make Vietnam a vital participant in the global community, while continuing our leadership role within Vietnam and the Southeast Asia.

With our outstanding programs for learning and service, I invite you to come and visit our University which offers excellent service and a great environment of learning that extends beyond the walls of our classrooms. You will find our University to be inviting, warm, supportive, and friendly.

Please accept my warmest welcome to become a part of our University family and to share our ambitions and bright future.

Come and soar high with Thai Nguyen University!