The function of Staff Arrangement Department are:

- Acting as an advisor for Director of Thai Nguyen University in staff and employee management missions as well as organizational structure and internal political protection of Thai Nguyen University (TNU).

- Drafting the documents related to staff  and employee arrangement of TNU before submiting these documents for Director’s or appropriate authorities’ approval.

- Evaluating files and project’s documents before submiting these documents for Director’s approval to establish, merge, demerge, dissolve, etc. the members of TNU under decentralized authority.

- Guiding the members in buiding regulations of organizing activities, functions, tasks and organizational structure.

- Building strategies for team development and staff planning.

- Organizing training, retraining and using staffs and employees of TNU.

- Recruitment, rank shifting, rank promoting and and implementing policies for officials, employees, contract workers of TNU.

- Selecting and handling procedures and files before sending officials and employees abroad and inland to study, training and advanced training under decentralized authority.

- Implementing the management of officials and employees of TNU.

- Directly managing personnel records of officials and employees under TNU’s office.

- Guiding the members of TNU in managing personnel records under the arrangement and reporting the employing state to the superiors under the regulations.

- Organizing the implementation of management, appointment, dismissal, transfering and rotation of officials and employees of TNU under decentralized authority.

- Guiding and inspecting the personnel arrangement in the units of TNU.

- Directing the units in the mission of protecting internal politics.