UNTA 2013 International Meeting and Seminar Held in Indonesia

Posted date: 17-09-2013; 1974 view counter
“Industrial Agriculture for Sustainable Food Security and Rural Development”
The University Network for Tropical Agriculture (UNTA) was established on December 13, 2012 as a result of the Roundtable Discussion during the President’s Forum on Agriculture for Leading Universities in Southeast Asia in National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan. This network aims to implement integration and to create closer ties among network members in order to improve higher education, training and research in the area of tropical agriculture. Thai Nguyen University is one of the ten UNTA’s founders, together with Bogor Agricultural University (IPB, Indonesia), Brawijaya University (Indonesia), University Putra Malaysia and Universiti Malaysia Sabah (Malaysia), Kasetsart University and Maejo University (Thailand), National Pingtung University of Science and Technology and Ming Dao University (Taiwan), and Wehenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Science (Germany). UNTA has opened its invitation to interested applicants as new members of the network. (http://unta.npust.edu.tw/). In conjunction with the 50th Year Anniversary of Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), UNTA 2013 meeting and seminar with the theme “Industrial Agriculture for Sustainable Food Security and Rural Development” was held in IPB, Bogor, Indonesia on September 3-4, 2013. A/Prof, Dr Dang Van Minh, Vice President of Thai Nguyen University, attended the recently concluded meeting. It is expected that this event will strengthen agricultural higher education networks in its effort to respond to the opportunities and challenges in developing sustainable agriculture through collaborative education and research. Next year, 2014, the UNTAL meeting will be held in Thai Lan, following year in Malaysia. Thai Nguyen University, Viet Nam will host the meeting in 2016