International school of Thai Nguyen University strengthen the coorparation partnership with United State Concordia

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With the framework of cooperation between TNU-International School and United States Concordia University, the Missions of Concordia University composed of 35 faculty members and students headed by Professor Timothy- Dean of the Department of Arts conducted a working vissit to TNU-International School from September 10th to 16th.


Delegations from Concordia University headed by Prof. Timothy (standing at the extreme left of front row) pose for a picture souvenir with foreign professors and students of  TNU-International School.


The delegations from Concordia University were accorded warm welcome by Associate Prof. Mr. Nguyen Tuan Anh– Dean of TNU-IS, Associate Prof. Hoang Van Phu- Deputy Dean, foreign professors namely: Mr. Michael J.Tan, Mr. David Grealy, together with the staff, lecturers and students of International School.


The primary purposes of the working visit of Concordia University to TNU-International School were to discuss further the details of the terms of reference regarding  the cooperation programs with TNU-International School, and for the enhancement of the training quality. Moreover, it also provided  opportunity for the students of International School and  Concordia University to exchange ideas and experiences and promote culture and arts.


In the morning of September 12th, an approximately  300 students of IS joined the delegations of Concordia University  in performing various activities related to academics and culture. Both groups shared with excitement the events in the athmosphere of gladness, openess and hospitality.


Moreover,  the new students of IS who are still unfamiliar with the new academic environement  excitedly shared time to meet  the visitors which gave them an opportune experience  to be with foreign people and familiarize themselves on how to intermingle with people of global learning environment.



The students of International School and Concordia University excitedly and joyfully play games together.


The Dean of TNU-International School,  Associate Prof. Mr. Nguyen Tuan Anh, expressed his pleasure in welcoming the delegations Concordia University to visit the International School. In his speech concerning international cooperation, he introduced the mission, vision, objectives, and goals of  International school, as well as its development potential and strategy  in the future time.

Moreover, Associate Prof. Nguyen Tuan Anh expressed his desire to enhance the  strong  link or partnership  between Intertnational School and Concordia University through this cultural exchange, thus, helping the IS students to be inspired in obtaining knowledge on culture and language from the students of Concordia University. This encounter gave them  a significant opportunity on how to communicate with native speakers of English, an experience that would lead to improving foreign language capacity and expanding  their knowledge.


Associate Prof. Nguyen Tuan Anh delivers a welcome message to the delegations of Concordia University.


Associate Professor Nguyen Tuan Anh expressed his gratefulness for the working visit of Concordia University to IS, thus, he said “I really felt the camaraderie, frankness and sincerity of everyone,  however, both grouops of  students have different language and skin colour...but all of them shared common  games, such as: guessing crossword, transfering ball, among others...The students of the International school who are trained to enhance their  English capacity in communication, have shared and exchanges thoughts and feelings with the students of Concordia University in a  a friendly attitude,  making the activity more lively.”


This encounter was highly  appreciated by the students of Concordia University.

During the last day of their visit, the  students of International School accompanied the students of Concordia University  to the Learning Resource Center of Thai Nguyen university.



The students of International school guide the students of Concordia University to the Learning Resource Center


Then, the delegations of Concorddia University conducted a tour to Tan Cuong tea village and the resorts of Nui Coc lakes.


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