International Conference on Improving English teaching capacity

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On 15-16/12/2012, the International Conference with the theme “Connecting Global Resources to build English teaching capacities in the Northern Midland and Mountainous Areas of Vietnam” was organized by Thai Nguyen University (TNU) and the Executive Committee of the National Foreign Language (NFL) 2020 Project.


The conference attracts more than 200 attendants


The overall goal of the conference is to build capacity for action research regionally and to specifically explore possible solutions and strategies that will help administrators and educators responsible for ELT in the northern mountainous provinces of Vietnam to develop their own language proficiency.  The conference will also serve a critical role in expanding and affirming partnerships between a variety of stakeholders who are concerned about ELT in this region.  Finally, the conference is expression of determination by Thai Nguyen University, as a Regional Teacher Development Center (RTDC), to fully support the important priorities encompassed with the NFL2020 project.


Dr. Diana Dudzik presents an action research report


Attendants to the Conference include Mr. Nguyen Vinh Hien, Deputy Minister of Education and Training; Representative of Ministry of Labor, Invalid and Social Affairs; educational experts of American Embassy; Representative of Department Education and Training of 10 provinces in the region, together with more than 200 participants of leaders and lecturers of English in the region.


The conference focused on some key issues such as: Current status and recommendations in the implementation of the NFL 2020 Project in the regions; plans to link training units for improving foreign language capacity in the Northern midland and mountainous areas, especially the English proficiency of teachers. The conference also concentrated on strategies to improve capacities of teaching and learning specialized subjects in English at Thai Nguyen University period 2012-2015; and the role of Thai Nguyen University in connecting the local cultures for the international development.


 Participants of the high ranking officials section on policy making


In the conference, the leaders agreed that the implementation of NFL 2020 Project in the Northern Midland and Mountainous Areas had significantly contributed to improving vision and capacity of action research in the region, then to find out feasible solutions to guide managers, planners and educators to effectively build and manage programs taught in English, develop the use of English, and to create a strong connection of English teaching professional resources in the area.


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