Female Faculty of Thai Nguyen University accorded Kovalevskaia Award

Posted date: 21-04-2012; 1501 view counter

Dr. Le Thi Thanh Nhan, Deputy Rector of Thai Nguyen University – College of Science, was bestowed a Kovalevskaia Award as “Woman Scientist” in recognition of her outstanding achievements and contributions in the field of natural sciences which was held in Vietnam in 2011.



Photo shows the Vice President Nguyen Thi Doan and former Vice President NguyenThi Binh granting the Kovalevskaia Award to Prof. Dr. Vu Thi Thu Ha (left) andProf. Dr. Le Thi Thanh Nhan (rightmost)

Dr. Le Thi Thanh Nhan was born and raised in a family with disciplinarian parents. Her father was an army officer while her mother was a primary school teacher. Becoming a mathematics teacher was her earnest dream when she was still at Luong Ngoc Quyen higher secondary school.

She studied hard to achieve her childhood passion to become a mathematics teacher. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in mathematics with flying colors “University Excellence Award” at the University of North Vietnamese Teacher. With her very impressive scholastic records, she was gainfully employed as a mathematics teacher at the age of 20. With her ardent desire to search for further knowledge, she pursued her studies in the graduate level, hence, before she reached the age of 30, she was conferred the degrees of Master of Science in Mathematics and Ph.D. program, in succession.

She was rated the best graduate student in the Ph.D. garnering excellent marks in her dissertation. She was highly praised as the most outstanding student with remarkable scholastic rating.

She confided that, "It’s my passion since childhood to become a Mathematician, thus, I became a Maths enthusiast until I found myself at the height of my career as a Mathematics scientist with the strong support of my husband."

In 2005, Ms. Le Thi Thanh Nhan rose from the ranks. She received the title of Associate Professor, at the age of 35, the youngest associate professor in Vietnam that year. At present,

Dr. Le Thi Thanh Nhan is Vice Rector of the TNU-College of Science. She is a seasoned and highly acclaimed lecturer in many prestigious universities around the world. She has consistently published 16 works on international accounting journals with ISI ranked prestige, of which 13 works and 3 complex works were published in SCI and sCIE journal. In particular, she has 5 projects in the Journal of Algebra - a prestigious international magazines specializing in Algebra. This magazine has included publications of many works of the world’s noted mathematicians.

With these outstanding achievements, she was awarded a Certificate of Merit of the Prime Minister Award of Science and Mathematics Institute of Vietnam, a prestigious award in the field of science. She garnered this prestigious award when she was still at her youthful period of her career, under the age of 40.


Kovalevskaia Prize award is a highly acclaimed award and a source of encouragement for Vietnamese women scientists in the field of basic science, an espousal to strive for the best, and to work hard to achieve many accomplishments with excellence in science and research by putting into practical applications.


Dr. Le Thi Thanh Nhan souvenir photograph with leaders of TNU

During the award ceremony in Hanoi, Dr. Le Thi Thanh Nhan was interviewed and she shared her encouragement to female teachers and students in scientific research. Further, Dr. Nhanh mentioned the difficulty of women in working in science especially women assigned in the mountainous area. It is a fact that scientific research, especially for married women is a challenge for labor time because aside from the social work, women must assume a woman's natural role for the family.

Characterized by intelligence, elegance, and a paragon of Vietnamese women, Assoc. Professor Dr. Le Thi Thanh Nhan has actually conquered all her relatives, colleagues and those who are in close contact with her. She is a shining example of a public servant who showed her dedication and passion for work. She serves as a driving force for the entire faculty and the University female students in this scientific research career.


Associate Professor Dr. Nguyen Huu Cong - TNU deputy director, said that Associate Professor Dr. Le Thi Thanh Nhan has shared many contributions to the development of cummutative algebra sector in Vietnam and around the world. She is both a good manager and a leader who has displayed the characteristics of professionalism and efficiency. In addition to teaching undergraduate and advisor / mentor of graduate students, she was chosen as chairman of State 01 project (Nafosted funds), 02 ministerial-level. Currently, she is considered one of the 11 members of Vietnam's village mathematical works who has published researches that are rated as internationally excellent ".


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